Monday, September 12, 2011

Geographies of the World's Knowledge

Our project titled "Geographies of the World's Knowledge" has just gone live on the new Oxford Internet Institute data visualisation site. In the project, we use a range of visualisation techniques to map literacy, Internet penetration, the world's newspapers, academic knowledge, Flickr, Wikipedia, and user-generated content indexed in Google. A sample of three of our maps are below, or a full PDF of the publication can be downloaded at the following link:

Graham, M., Hale, S. A. and Stephens, M. (2011) Geographies of the World's Knowledge. London, Convoco! Edition.


Pablo said...

You might consider further integrating your design work with some of the more promising HtML5 collaborations getting underway. Otherwise this way cool. Keep up the great work!

Ashley Young said...
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