Monday, May 5, 2014

Mapping voice, representation, and participation on Wikipedia - our final report

I would like to share a final report that has come out of our project to map voice, representation, and participation on Wikipedia (carried out with Bernie Hogan, Ilhem Allagui, Clarence Singleton, Ralph Straumann, Claudio Calvino, Ahmed Medhat, Heather Ford, Taha Yasseri, Frederike Kaltheuner, David Palfrey, and Gavin Bailey).

The report contains a summary of most of the work that we did, as well as key findings:

Graham, M., and Hogan, B. 2014. Uneven Openness: Barriers to MENA Representation on Wikipedia. Oxford Internet Institute Report, Oxford UK. 

I'd like to thank not just all of the researchers who helped to make this mixed-methods project work, but also the many Wikipedians who went out of their way to help us, to explain things to us, to question us, and ultimately to help us to better understand some of the barriers to participation and representation in Wikipedia. I hope that by communicating our findings through a variety of mediums, we can play our part in helping to address the inequities that we encountered. 

In the near future, we'll be turning this into more bite-sized outputs. One of those papers is already published:

Graham, M., Hogan, B., Straumann, R. K., and Medhat, A. 2014. Uneven Geographies of User-Generated Information: Patterns of Increasing Informational Poverty. Annals of the Association of American Geographers (forthcoming).

...and another is nearing completion (I'll post a draft of it soon).

In the meantime, please get in touch if you have any questions about the report.


Bachounda Mohammed said...

fr : original
grand travail - la dernière partie m'a interessé le plus
il faut plus voir les causes et les effets de ce qui fait de wikipedia arabe ou autres comme elle sont aujourhui
mais en finalité je peut dire sans avoir tout lu les 140 pages; que je vais faire surement avec le temps;
tres bonne ituission les cartes géographique geolocalisé par provinces; cela montre les effets de participations touristique ou comme c'est le cas de l'Algérie des pieds noir.
encore une fois; cette recherche nous permettra d'extrapoler sur beaucoup de domaines numerique et de ce qui pourra etre entrepris dans le future
en : translated by google
great work - the last part interested me most
it takes longer to see the causes and effects of what makes wikipedia Arab or others like it are aujourhui
finality but I can say without having read all 140 pages; I'll probably do with time;
ituission very good geographic maps geolocated by provinces; it shows the effects of tourism investments or as is the case of Algeria black feet.
yet both; this research permettera we extrapolate on many digital areas and which may be undertaken in the future...

khalid said...

Thanks Mark,
a good read